Thursday, March 15, 2007

Oldest UFO

How about a baby quilt from 1979? Yes, the little crib quilt for my youngest son, JJ, is still in the UFO category. He's almost 27, therefore, I feel no need to rush to finish. I knew very, very little about quilting back then and it showed. Notice the huge needle to the left of my quilting needle today. That's the one that was used to quilt on JJ's quilt. I can hear the chuckles and downright laughter. I had a cheap, fluffy polyester batting that I would trim as I stitched it to the ruffle, again with that huge needle. It's a wonder I ever stayed with this hobby. My second longest UFO is a log cabin from Eleanor Burns QIAD book, but that's another story.


Sweet P said...

I give you mega brownie points for having kept the quilt fo this long. Any chance of getting it done for a grandchild?

Libby said...

Oh my - now you've made me remember that I was a quilter 27 years ago, too. I did an embroidered top for The Princess. The embroidery I could do, but making it into a quilt was quite a challenge. I'll have to dig around here and see if I can find it.

Greenmare said...

No robins in my yard yet, sigh!
I sometimes pretty much think that QIAD stands for Quilt In A Decade?
I love the baby quilt!! My first quilt was a patchwork for my in-laws, and I picked out the thickest batting I could find, and then DOUBLED it! yikes! I thought "the puffier the better" That sucker is REALLY puffy! It's way to warm for my sweet mother in law to use on their bed, but she still displays it proudly in the guest room! You gotta love people who don't sew.

Nicole and Phil said...

great! Maybe when JJ has a baby you can finish this one!...or maybe a great baby! LOL
thanks for sharing!

swooze said...

Do you plan to finish it? I hope so!