Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Chilly Tuesday

Temps are only in the sixties today, but will return to the eighties by Thursday. It's a good day to catch up on things inside the house.
row of triangles on back of couch with big, stuffed tiger under it
I took the finished triangles for my Dear Jane quilt along to Florida hoping to get them stitched into rows. There was some time for sewing on the plane, in the airport, in the hotel room and in the gyms. The triangles are all hand stitched and I'm joining them by hand, also. My third row of triangles is almost together now. The photo shows it on the back of the couch by the tiger that DS, Mike bought for me. I have one final row to assemble and then the four border rows are ready to be sewn to the center squares. I've been working on this quilt on and off (a lot off) since 1998. It may be that the time is right for me to finish it.

We arrived in Orlando, FL last Wednesday and stopped in Lakeland to see Joker Marchant Stadium and the Patchwork Pig on our way to St. Petersburg. My purchases were two new books at the quilt shop, Quilts of Virginia and Unraveling the History of Quilts & Slavery by BarbarA Brackman. This shop had loads of Jo Morton fabrics, which I love, but I didn't get any.
Joker Marchant Stadium entrance
Patchwork Pig shop sign

Our next stop was St. Petersburg where we proudly wore our orange, Detroit Tigers t-shirts to the Tampa Bay/Detroit ballgame at Tropicana Field that evening. Sadly, we didn't win, but we were seated with so many other Tiger fans that we really had a fun evening.

Thursday morning we drove to Clearwater and Dunedin to visit Country Quilts 'n Bears and Rainbows End. The latter is the largest quilt shop in Florida. My time was limited there, but it was an amazing shop. In Clearwater, I bought a few Japanese fabrics, a Jo Morton red, and a spool of King Tut quilting thread. All three shops were full of tempting bolts and patterns, etc. I had to remember that we were flying home and space was limited in the suitcase. And besides, I'm supposed to be using up my fabrics! Jim is always very patient while I check out the shops. He comes prepared with his laptop and often finds a coffee shop to sit down and wait.

Country Quilts 'n Bears shop sign
Rainbows End entrance and sign

two quilt book purchases, fabrics and thread

Sunday's alarm clock rudely rang at 5:00a.m. after which our day was spent in Orlando International, Dulles, and finally O'Hare airports before arriving at MBS and thankfully home around 8:00p.m. This was only the second time I have been to Florida, but I hope to go back. There was so much history in St. Augustine. I did visit the Fountain of Youth and am still waiting...


Cathi said...

Your DJ is looking good! Looks like you saw some great shops in Florida.

Greenmare said...

oh I am soooooooooo beyond jealous of your trip!
My blog sister lives in Clearwater!
Glad you had a great time!!!

Quilt Nut said...

looks like a very fun trip!

swooze said...

Wow! Nice trip! I loved St Augustine when I was there but I was in my youth then.

Darlene said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip. Baseball and quilting - what else do you need? LOL

Your DJ quilt is beautiful. I had serious plans to start one three years ago and got involved with a local Dear Jane group. Sadly, the group was not a nice group so my enthusiasm waned. Maybe someday!

Laurie Ann said...

Those quilt shops look fun! I wish I could visit them too.

Kathy or Kathryn or Dana or .......... said...

Sounds like you had a great trip -- and all those shops! I'm jealous! LOL

Mary said...

We lived in FL for years - both in S. Florida and the Tampa areas. It's a nice place to visit but I was ready to move. We're heading back on Thursday for the weekend for a graduation party for my niece - I'm sure it will be way too hot!