Friday, July 12, 2013

Are You Sure It's July?

It's true that the older you get, the faster time flies. The days keep zipping by and I still have a never-ending 'to do' list. How can I be busy all of the time and yet have so little to show for it?

The beautiful little girl in my header is my now 'headed to college' granddaughter, Abigail. She graduated with honors last month and gave the closing remarks at the commencement. Another testament to the theory of time flying by!

Here is our son-in-law and coach, Craig, with grandson, Ian, holding his varsity letter for track! 

Jim and I stopped at a few garage sales a couple of weeks ago and I found this cute, cat house. Jim didn't think they would pay any attention to it, but I think it is definitely worth the 50 cents I paid for it.

This is my center compass for a BOTM by Esther Aliu called "Love Entwined" that is both challenging and full of applique! The pattern is free, but you need to sign up for the yahoo list to get the patterns. (click on BOTM for link to join)  It may end up being a pillow or table topper instead of a quilt, but I have enjoyed it so far. When the next pattern comes out (July 15th) this pattern will no longer be free. Hurry on over.

The Tall Ships arrived in Bay City yesterday and are docked for the week-end!

Jim, my sisters and I were at Comerica Park for the 23 hit game by the White Sox. Not the ending we anticipated, but it's always fun to be at the ballgame.


TLC said...

I was about to put out a search warrant for you. ;-) You can't be old enough to have a granddaughter graduating. LOVE your compass!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

We saw the tall ships in Savannah last year - amazing!

Kyle said...

Glad you're back. Grand kids bring wonderful blessings. Your compass is great. I've been choosing my background fabric and trying to decide what direction I want to go. Love your inspiration.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Congratulations to BOTH of your grandchildren on their special accomplishments!
I love your compass block and look forward to following your progress on this journey!

Judy S. said...

How wonderful you got to see your GS graduate from college! Our oldest GS is only 8, and we'll be lucky if we get to see a high school graduation. That compass looks hard!