Saturday, May 23, 2015

Holiday Week-end

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day week-end. We are staying home with no particular schedule to follow. There is a plan for bar-b-qued ribs one day.

When Barbara Brackman started posting her Time Warp Stars, I was on board and made the first one using Turkey Red fabric. Then somehow the needed fabrics for the stars were recorded on paper and not stitched. The other day I saw Kyle's progress with her stars and it motivated me to get back to them. Thank you! My sister, Connie and I are both catching up now.

I have cut out the backgrounds for the nineteen stars and am sewing as I find the right fabrics needed for each week. So far, I have turkey red, purple, double pink, Prussian blue, green calico, cheddar and conversation prints. If I find a better choice later, I can always sew a second star as they are quick and easy.

I'm linking up with Show Off Saturday here.


Karen said...

Good choice of fabrics for the stars.

Kyle said...

Good for you! You stars look great. I like how you've cut all the backgrounds and are efficiently getting caught up!

paulette said...

Ohhhh...your stars are so pretty!