Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sleepy Sunday

My Tigers have been playing out in Seattle, WA the last three nights which means the ballgames don't begin here until a little after ten. I can't sleep knowing they are playing, so I stay up to watch. Win or lose, I'm too wound up to go right to sleep afterwards, so by this morning, I'm really dragging. Church at nine with an outdoor service in the pavillion and all that fresh air had me begging for a nap early today.

If you've been wondering about the surprise mentioned on Nadine's blog for the last few weeks, the secret has been revealed. Click on over to Finn's blog to see what it was all about. I'm sure Nadine is anxious to read how her idea played out, but poor gal, is still vacationing in Italy.

Remembrances book and fabric pieces from Coventry line
I succumbed to a fabric and book buy from Four Seasons Quilt Shop in Plymouth, MN. As a member of the JoMorton Stitchers list on Yahoo, I had been following the discussion of Jo's new book, Remembrances and her Coventry fabric line. My order arrived yesterday. The book and fabrics are wonderful!

On Heartstrings, a challenge was issued by Mary to make 365 Heartstrings string blocks in the next year inspired by new member Tresica Watts, who sent in the most remarkable photo. It's really difficult for me to resist such a challenge, expecially when I have so many strips already cut and way too much in my fabric stash. Yesterday I had planned on sewing a block, but ended up with seven. Perhaps I should sew a week's worth at each sitting. That may be a better plan for me as it's tough to sew just one string block at a time. I have lots of two inch purple strips for my middles. Wonder how many I'll get from that chunk of fabric.
pile of Heartstrings quilts blocks


Susan said...

What a nice thing for you and Nadine to do. What fun!

I love your purple-centered string blocks. They will look so nice, together or scattered with others.

I can't tell about the book, but I really like those Jo Morton fabrics! I always like what she designs.

Karen said...

How scrumptious to get some Jo fabrics and the new Remembrance. I've looked through it and the quilts are great.

Helen in the UK said...

String blocks can be addictive can't they!?! Love the fabrics you bought :)

Mary said...

Love the purple strings - I've still got a set on my design wall to put together but I've been working on my 365 blocks instead. I'm with you - I can't make just one at a time.

Marisa said...

Cool string blocks! That will make a very pretty finished project.

swooze said...

I stay up late too to watch Letterman. If it holds my interest I end up watching Ferguson. Boy does that make for a looooong day the next day!

Finn said...

Hi Jeanne, how nice of you to mention my surprise..*VBS* Thank you!
I think I've got everyone's correct name and place now, thanks to you and your help!
I've so enjoyed being to just sit and spend some time with each block and think about who made it and where it has traveled from. This quilt will be a treasure for sure. I keep getting ideas, but nothing firm as yet..except I need a row of 'on-point' blocks, for sure.
The Heartstring block looks great, and I think 7 at a sitting is a good and do-able goal.
I like to do log cabin blocks in sets of 5..more than that and I get tired before I'm done. I usually make the 6.5" size so it's not all THAT hard to do 5.
The 365 challenge is a good one, will be fun to see who all does it. Hugs, Finn

Darlene said...

That was a wonderful surprise you and Nadine did for Finn! You two are special people. I know that while Nadine is vacationing in Italy (poor thing - LOL) she's crazy with curiousity.

I'm wanting to buy Jo Morton's new book - it looks great.

Marcie said...

That Jo Morton book looks so good. And the fabric too! I need to find that shop next time I am in MN. I heard about it, but didn't make it in. Your string blocks are adorable! Those cute little calicos are a treat!

MOLLY said...
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MOLLY said...

Love shopping "on-line" and then receiving those squishy packages in the mail. And we save so much money that way! LOL So nice of you to "step up to the plate" by taking on such a wonderful challenge. (Sorry about the baseball pun)