Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Love Challenges & Stash Report

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I love challenges, at least the signing up part. May Britt and Kris have issued a challenge to finish one UFO each month in 2009. This has to be a win-win situation even if I don't succeed every month. I've been digging through my stuff looking for some quick finishes to boost my spirits. Then I realized that I have an ugly fabric challenge due for guild this month (haven't started), another ugly fabric challenge with a group of friends due in April, a challenge to duplicate an antique baby quilt due in April and a new round robin due in February! Challenged, for sure.

Stash Report - Week 1, 2009 -
Fabric bought - 0 Yards
Fabric used - 0 Yards

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Michelle said...

Good luck with your challenge! I know it really helps me to get things done when there is a little friendly competition! :) I'm doing a 6 month UFO challenge on a yahoo group...we all signed up for 15 items!! Wow! But how cool if I get them done!

BTW, I've tried replying to your comments about my kitty and various other things...but it gets sent back as spam. I didn't want to think I was ignoring you....but thanks for the encouragement regarding Smokey! :)

JudyL said...

You're right! Goals and some bit of accountability make everything easier. Thanks for posting the stash report. So far, you're doing good!

Lori in South Dakota said...

Lots of things to do, ugly challenges are the best, since we ALL have some of those fabrics! And reproduce an antique doll quilt, what fun!!

Lurline's Place said...

I agree, this has to be a win, win situation - after all you are only playing against yourself!
Hugs - Lurline♥

KathySWFL said...

Good luck with the challenges. I might have to check out that UFO one.

sewkalico said...

I have seen this challenge, but am always a bit non-commital :-) Best of luck with your ugly challenges they sound intriguing!

Karen said...

I like your attitude about the finish 12 projects. You won't beat yourself up if you don't finish 12 but you will certainly be pleased with what you do get done. I am on a roll myself for finishing up projects, though I did not sign up for the challenge.

Kari said...

Good Luck with your challenge!!! BTW, I have posted several times. New Year's resolution is going good so far. love you!!!