Friday, April 24, 2015

Success at last!

I didn't want to do another post until my General Jack quilt was pieced. Well, that turned out to be a tad longer than I would have liked. But, it is now a flimsy! Not the best picture, but you can see it is in one piece. It's about 44" square.

This little zipper bag was made in a class from a local quilt shop. It was intensive, but not difficult. I hope to make more before I forget how to do it.

Lots to catch up on. I won't wait so long for my next post!

p.s. My photos seem to be off. Will have to explore what happened. 


Raewyn said...

Stars all the way - love it - your General Jack is beautiful - well done! The little zipper bag looks like a great class :-)

Terry said...

General Jack looks great! :0)

Kyle said...

Nice to see the top of General Jack done. It looks great. And the zipper bags gets s big star. It took me forever to do.

Susan In Texas said...

Your General Jack looks awesome! Congratulations on your finish - that's such a good feeling!!!

Take care,
Susan in Texas

Karen said...

I like the star border on the quilt. I like star quilt matter what style.

Judy S. said...

That little bag looks very handy! Love your newest flimsy.