Thursday, September 13, 2007

Crumb Blocks

assorted crumb quilt blocks
fall bouquet of flowers from the farmer's market in Saginaw
Dad sleeping in chair with Annie on his lap

The plan for yesterday afternoon was supposed to be tidying up my sewing area while waiting for my sister's call saying Dad had been moved to rehab. Easily sidetracked, I found a drawer that contained bits and pieces of fabrics that seemed to be saying, "Crumb blocks could be made from me." So I ended up with thirty-five 6 1/2" blocks that need a sashing fabric to take them from crumbs to a tasty dessert. The fabric colors are on the medium to darker side. No dent was made in the fabric and the area is now messier than before I began.

I stopped at the Farmer's Market the other day and had to bring home a fall bouquet. Unfortunately, Jasper has been chewing all of the bottom leaves off of the flower stems. He still misses the outside. We need to plant a container of cat grass for him and Annie. Speaking of Annie, this is where you can usually find her in the evening hours. She is a daddy's girl and follows him everywhere.


Karol-Ann said...

I must do some of these mile-a-minute and crumb blocks as they look great, but I fear I will end up as you have i.e. not that much tidier (or fabric-dented) LOL

Belvie said...

Nice blocks! I need to give them a try too. And I love that fall bouquet. The weather has finally cooled off here and it is feeling a bit like fall.

LOL...that picture of your kitty looks about like it does at my house in the evenings. DH sits down, pops up the footrest on the recliner, and Truffles is on his lap making herself comfortable.

Laurie Ann said...

Awwww. Annie looks like a good cuddler! Great crumbs!!

Norma said...

I love those I dare start another project? LOL

We are so lucky to have these cats who love us!

Nadine said...

Genie, I love everything : the crumb blocks (yummy fabrics!), the autumn bouquet (such warm colors!) and Annie, sleeping with Daddy (how cute!).

Hugs & smiles to you,

Anne Ida said...

Your crumb blocks are adorable - look forward to seeing them stitched together!

Annie is a beautiful cat! Looks like she and her daddy has a wonderful bond :o)

Hope everything is well with your father in rehab! Take care!

Colleen said...

I've never heard of "crumb blocks". What a totally fitting descriptive word for them. I love them. I had to smile as you described your thought process and decision of what to do with your time. I totally would have picked the same things, with the same outcome (except probably not as many blocks finished as you -- You're Fast! ...unless these crumb blocks really do go together fast.)

Barb said...

Hope you don't mind that I wandered into your *blog*...several reasons for my comments to you (LOL)!

The Quilt Quild in my area is also called the *Piecemakers Quild*! You are from MI, my Grandmother (whom I loved dearly) lived in Ann Arbor, MI (I loved my visits with Grandma)! I love MI almost as much as PA ;>)! By the way my GM lived to be 103, and was very sharp to the end!

Your "crumb blocks" are very neat, my DGD and I sew/quilt together as often as we can, and we have a *plastic tub" over flowing with "crumbs" that someday we plan to use LOL!!

Neat blog Jeanne, and if you wish please visit my *blog*...http//


Norma said...

Who would have known that there was a quilt lurking in all those scraps! LOL Crumb blocks are my favorite--it is the last chance we have to work with those favorite bits left from all our previous projects--a chance to say our final goodbyes to all those fabrics as we use them up!

andsewitis Holly said...

Hey, those are my pajama bottoms without the fly :)

Your crumbs blocks look fantastic. And you made a DJ quilt?! I'm impressed. It looks like a ton of work.