Friday, March 14, 2008

Clothesline Club Year Two

Lana with notebook and screen bag
Yesterday we had the first meeting of The Clothesline Club - Year 2 at The Quilted Cottage! Lana is the CC helper for the shop. Here she shows the notebook project for this month and a screen bag bonus project. She embroidered many strips with Clothesline Club for us to use. In the next photo, Stacy, our fearless leader is on the left and explains how many strips we will need.

Quilters choosing their strips of fabric with Stacy's help
We brought our machines along so we could get started with the notebooks. I'm almost ready to trim. We also enjoyed a delicious potluck, although this isn't a regular monthly feature of the club. Before we left, Stacy wrapped a beautiful yellow rose for each of use to take home. It was a great day.

Vase on table with yellow roses
There's another fabric giveaway here.
Vicki from Quilts & "Other Stuff" is offering four fat quarters and a porcupine quill. Check it out!


Linda said...

Great notebook and tote bag. I wish there was a clothsline club in my area.

Rhonda said...

Hi Jeanne,
Your Clothsline Club looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for the links to the give-away. I'm heading over there now.

Libby said...

Oh what a fun day *s*

Jan said...

What a great idea--your Clothesline Club--congrats on 2 years!! The tote and notebook are great!

Marcie said...

That class looks like so much fun! And the embroidered strips are great! Roses even! How cool is that!

Alycia said...

Love the notebook and bag - what great colors!

Guðrún said...

So many beautiful fabrics I could see there.

Lea said...

It looks so fun! The notebook and tote bag is so lovely.