Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stash Report 21


Fabric added during this week: 18.5 yards (sales too good to pass up)
Fabric added year to date: 113 yards

Fabric used during this week: 1yard
Fabric used year to date: 79.25 yards

Net fabric busted 2009: (+34.25)

It's pathetic!


SpinningStar said...

No, it is not pathetic - it is just stash building... we are just all doing better at managing our sstashes. Sales are a good thing... and look at how much you have used this year!

Go Red Wings!!!!

liz (a Michigander living in the South)

Lorraine said...

I am impressed that you are still posting your stash reports! LOL....I haven't used half as much as I have bought....and like you can't pass up a good sale!

*karendianne. said...

Ohhhhh the sales!!!

Cheryl said...

Now how can we pass up a good sale.
And look at you being so honest about the whole thing! You get a gold star for that!!!

Disaster Diva Debbie said...

Yes, but there are LOTS of people in the same pathetic boat as you are....I am heading to JoAnn's shop for a day with my Dear Jane friends...and what do you want to bet there will be fabric or a pattern or some thread in my bag on the way home. SIGH...

Nicole said...

Oh dear. You are moving backwards. I don't hold it against you!

MARCIE said...

At least you are trying! :)