Sunday, February 25, 2007

Some of these stars

...are not like the others. I thought I was making decent progress on the one hour quilt from Judy. While stitching the sashing between the rows, I noticed the peachy star has points going in the wrong direction. Not too bad, I can frog stitch and resew. I sent a picture to my sister asking her if she could tell what was wrong with the stars. Darn! She noticed four patch mistakes, too! How can I be sewing these for days and not notice the patches are in the wrong direction? Well, I'm glad I didn't have the borders attached yet.

I'm getting ready to watch the Oscars. Our local theater has a contest to guess the winners. Prizes include 52 movie passes for the year. It was really difficult to chose this year, especially for Best Picture. I finally picked "Babel" even though I personally liked "Queen" the best. Time will tell if I let others sway my decision.


Belém said...

It happens all the time. I look your photo and I think there are five patches with mistakes, not four (two in two blocks and one in another block). But the result of the fabric patterns you chose are very cosy and you get a wonderful and somehow complex quilt with 14 h of work. Is the first quilt a see after Judy's.

Elaine Adair said...

Well, I better get to the eye Dr., because even with you pointing out the mistakes, I con't see anything???

Don't ya jes' love it? LOL

Elaine Adair said...

OH yeah - I scrolled right - there they are! Well, that was fun to finally find them.

Libby said...

My day is just not complete if I don't stitch something on backwards or cockeyed. The irritating part is when I go to the trouble to pick it out and then promptly stitch back together the exact same way *s*