Thursday, May 3, 2007

More Paducah memories

I just noticed that the May Fabric Diet badge was right across from my Paducah purchases. That's rather embarrassing. This fabric sort of sums it all up.

I didn't take as many photos of the area as other years. I thought maybe I'd share some from previous visits. The dogwoods were bloomed and gone by the time we arrived in town. Someone told us a frost killed most of them just a few days after they had opened. There's a rest area Connie and I stop at during our ride down. Two years ago, this tree was gorgeous when we got there.

One of the treats we enjoy is taking the local trolley to town. Some days your feet just scream - no more walking! The trolley will pick you up and drop you off just about anywhere between downtown and the Convention Center. It gives you a different perspective of the area while your feet get a short break.

One of the first places we usually check in Paducah is the Museum. No, not the quilt exhibits inside, that comes later in the week, but the brick pathway outside of the building. Several years ago, we bought a brick with our names on it. We check on it every year and tend to any weeding that is needed around it. Aren't we silly?

You may be wondering about the frogs sitting on either side of the brick. More about them next time.


Marcie said...

Sounds like you had such a wonderful time in Paducah. How fun to take a trip with your girlfriends! And a nice haul on the shopping also. Love your little Visa sign!

Bonnie said...

Wish we could have met up with you in Paducah!! After coming home, I have seen that so many OTHER people I know from blogs were there also....we could have passed eachother in the halls and not known it! :c)