Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Too Many Magazines

I've spent hours and hours in the last couple of days trying to tame my quilting magazines. Tonight I think I have them all found, sorted, labeled and ready to go back upstairs tomorrow. There are many that won't make the return trip, but will go to one of the second hand stores in the area. I love browsing through them when the mood strikes me, so don't want to rid myself of all of them. And I've discovered that sometimes my likes and dislikes of certain color combos or patterns change over time.

My fabric purchases are all washed and folded and ready to find a shelf in my sewing room. (Good luck with that)

The weather has been beautiful here. It's difficult to imagine the horrific destruction from the storms in and around Kansas when the sun is shining through your window. I see the pictures on the news and shudder.

I have strips cut and muslin squares ready hoping to sew some Heartstring blocks this week. I'm using some of the fabrics left from my Mumbo Gumbo challenge quilt plus a group of yellows.

My lilacs outside the kitchen window are opening now, filling the room with their beautiful aroma. They are just in time for Mother's Day this year and are my favorite flower. The tulips and grape hyacinths are still blooming, too. These pictures were taken before the weeding occurred.


Leigh said...

My LQS takes any used magazines and re-sells them for a gold coin donation. This money is then donated to a breast cancer charity.
Perhaps you could speak to your LQS and get this going in your area.
Just a thought, :-)

Meredith said...

I love the lilac smell. Growing up I had them outside of both windows and in the summer at night the smell came into my bedroom. I am now down to 1 magazine subscription and that is currently working for me. Maybe a swap with other quilters would be in order.

Libby said...

Those magazines can really put you in a quandry. I find that many patterns that I dismissed early in my career are very interesting now. I never thought back then that I would have the skill that would allow me to make a lot of those quilts. It's fun to flip through the pages and see what strickes my fancy now.

Darlene said...

I am a huge magazine junkie and can't part with any of them. They are stacked everywhere.

Nancy said...

I NEED to tame my magazines just haven't gotten around to it. Every few years I cull thru them and tear out the bits I want and toss the rest. but I find I seldom look thru the file of stuff I tore out so I think I'll just start giving them to the guild for their Bluebonnet store at the annual quilt show. If I haven't loved a project enough in about 2 years to make it I probably won't make it later.

Quilt Nut said...

i'm addicted to magazines too. infact, i bought one today that i already have heehee!

JudyL said...

I cleaned and sorted my magazine pile before moving and have promised myself to keep in neat and organized but not so sure that's going to happen. Your flowers are so pretty. There was nothing planted in this yard that blooms and I suppose part of the reason is because the deer are so bad. I have a few pots on my deck that have blooming plants but I want lilacs!!!