Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hibiscus blooms

I see many homes in the area with beautiful hibiscus plants full of pretty blooms of pinks and reds. This year I bought a couple of small plants from the sale table during the Bay City Garden Walk. They have bloomed! Okay, it's just a flower or two at a time so far, but I have high hopes for these plants. The flowers are huge. The first bloom was spotted last Friday just before dark. The second photo is from today.


Belvie said...

The hibiscus is really pretty....but I love the morning glory!! Afterall, blue is my favorite color.

Meredith said...

Well we all have to start somewhere. :) Think of how nice they will be next year. The blooms are very pretty color. Glad they bloomed for you this year.

V said...

Hey! Great site yourself. I've just been cruising around and you've taken some lovely pics of quilts, family and gardens. I've just taken a whack of garden pics as well, since we've only been in the house a year, and I'm still planting.

I love looking at peoples' favourite links - I'm going to be VERY busy with yours! Good luck with the stash busting!