Monday, August 13, 2007

Quiet House

Abby, me, Jim & Ian
Kari, Craig, Ian &Abby
Abby and Ian are back in Wisconsin. The house is quiet again. We really enjoyed having them visit us and did so many things that even they were tired when they got home. It should just go without saying that both Jim and I were ready for naps. Here is our good-bye picture along with the family reunited for the trip back home. We are squinting some as it was a very sunny day.

I was pretty much a slug today except for a little machine sewing this afternoon. My friend, Val, is putting on a quilt show in Canada the last week-end in September to raise money for the rec center which was burned down. There will be a 4 Sale Table so I made a few zippered screen bags to send to her. These make up really quickly once you remember how they go together. That part took me longer than the actual sewing.

six zippered screen bags


Rose said...

So glad u had a wonderful time with the grandkids!!! Family is so important and urs look so lovely and happy!!! Those bags r great!!!

Bren said...

What a nice piture. Everyone looks like they had a good time! Your zipper bags are great!

Debi said...

Those bags are really cute, I bet they sell quickly. It looks like everyone had a great visit.

Cathi said...

What a nice looking family you have! The bags are a great idea!

Susan said...

The zipper bags are cute! Are you used to the quiet again yet? I know you had fun making memories, though, and look forward to next time.