Tuesday, November 27, 2007

End of November

As the last days of November are upon us, I am so looking forward to a new month that will hopefully bring some sunshine with it. November has been a very gray and gloomy- looking month outside.
Floral centerpiece on kitchen table
Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving? I'm still hungry for pie. Simone served the big turkey meal on Thursday to nine of us. Her sister, Katarina, was visiting from Germany and ate her first Thanksgiving meal in the U.S. Craig, Kari, Abby and Ian brought this pretty centerpiece from Wisconsin. It looks so nice on the table. We had a ham dinner on Saturday with them, my parents, Mike, Simone and JJ.
Retreat sewing room at The Farmstead Inn
I wanted to show the huge room we had to sew in at The Farmstead Inn during our Dear Jane Retreat in Shipshewana. This is only a portion of it. Plenty of room to lay out projects and pile up yardage. Friday night is always Show & Tell. This time I was able to share my Dear Jane top with the other Janiacs.
Me showing my Dear Jane top during Show & Tell
I was able to take my new Featherweight sewing mat that I bought from Tazzie's Etsy shop. It received many compliments. You can also see one of the little churn dash blocks that I worked on while there. I need 32 more and then they will be stitched into strips that alternate with applique strips.
My Featherweight on the sewing mat I bought from Tazzie in Australia
There are still two openings for my Pay It Forward. Don't be shy.


Susan said...

Love how tiny those little things are! You really do like the small stuff. You and my best friend should get together! =)

Linda said...

What a huge room, oh I do love your DJ, just stunning. Don't think I'd have the patience for all that fiddly stuff....lol..

Kim said...

wow what size is the block???? And what a huge room-
I had a good Thanksgiving even with my bil's mouth- I just smiled at him and said NOTHING all day. You know the : If don't have anything nice to say, Don't say anything. So I would smile. Made him nuts ;)
We too had a ham dinner on Sat with all the fixings....I was thinking of an omlete for lunch.
I'm desserted out- trying to make a list for the cookie marathon starting in 2 weeks here. Much to finish before I pack all this quilting stuff away for a couple of weeks. I need to get some hand quilting projects ready. Piecing backing today....enjoy your day.

Kathy Wagner said...

You must have been so proud to show your quilt...amazing!
What a pretty Singer you have!

Guðrún said...

Is it you and your DJ quilt on the picture? Huge room you had there to sew in.

keryn said...

DJ is a project that I want to do someday, I loved it when it was first published in Ladies Circle Patchwork Quilts 20 years ago. Love the room and the finished quilt.

The machine mat of Tazzie's is so pretty! She's such a clever girl.

I just bought a 1/4" foot for my Featherweight, can't wait till it gets here.

Leslie said...

'Janiac', that's a good name for it. :D. Thanks for the comment at Pieceful Moments