Friday, October 5, 2007

Flannel Quilt & Fun Mail

blue and tan flannel quilt
magazine, Detroit Tigers lapel pin and green fabric

I was able to pin baste a little flannel quilt today for the UGRR. We meet next Thursday, so there's a deadline if I want to turn it in that day. I have several tops I'd like to finish before Thursday, but I don't want to get too carried away.

More fun mail for me! The stitchery magazine that Christine so kindly offered to send me arrived. I've had fun paging through it and wondering which project to do first. Halloween fat quarters are on their way to Christine. I hope they make you smile. The other package was a surprise that Kim had told me to watch for from her visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. I opened the little box to find a cute Detroit Tigers lapel pin wrapped in some lovely green fabric which is much better than tissue paper, IMHO. That was such a nice surprise. Thank you for thinking of me.

My car keys have been missing since we got back from Chicago. If anyone sees them, please let me know. Now it's time to do some blog reading.


Rose said...

Umm sorry havent seen ur keys!!! So glad ur got the copy of the book u wanted (isnt blogland great???) and i love ur flannel quilt, soooooo which project r u doing first ??? lol

Kim said...

I got my chocolate book yesterday too for stichery :). Was a banner mail day in blogland for sure. Today we're doing a mystery on one of my groups and I'm loving my color choices black,red,and white. All from my stash :O
that's alot of stash. Tonight I think I'll go get some nice brown embroidery thread and trace one of the patterns to start in my free time-Oh I crack myself up.
Glad I could make you smile .

Kim said...

oh and I haven't seen your keys sorry

Pam said...

Such nice things to get in the mail :)) Your car keys are probably with my son's - LOL

Guðrún said...

Fun mail is so great. That magazine looks interesting.

Anne Ida said...

No keys seen by me... SORRY! Hope you find them soon!

Your fun mail looks great! Happy someone had the magazine for you :o) And the pin and fabric looks fun, too!

Have fun quilting the little flannel quilt - hope you get it done by Thursday!

Jan said...

Love your little flannel quilt--so sweet!

Quilt Nut said...

love your flannel quilt!

my mom found a set of keys in her purse once that weren't hers. we never did figure out where they came from lol. hope you find yours soon!

Sweet P said...

I'm glad your found your keys. Enjoy your stitchery magazine.