Thursday, October 4, 2007


Jan has tagged me and now I get to use my name for the word game that accompanies it. Thank you, Jan.

J - jumbled So many thoughts and projects mixed in my mind at one time.

E - eager I'm always ready to learn something new

A - ambidextrous I can do many tasks with both hands.

N - nocturnal I like to stay up late and sleep in.

N - nostalgic the older I get, the more sentimental I become.

E - eclectic I have wide-ranging interests from theatre and sports to Josh Groban and Nickleback.

You Make Me Smile Award

My family suggested many other adjectives, which I promptly rejected. I read so many blogs that make me smile, so if you'd like to play along, please do.


Greenmare said...

I'm sure your family's suggestions were just all so highly complimentary and embarrasing that you did not dare put them in your blog right? ;-) I know mine would have lots of useful things to do with my name!
Glad to hear you love chicago, it's an awesome city! The loop is my favorite~ When I was in college I once clomped through Saks 5th Ave in wooden clogs and a backpack~ oh the looks!!

Jen in KS said...

I'm a fan of both Josh Groban and Nickleback, too. And Rich Mullins and Norah Jones and Evanescence.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I hope to have this cast off next Monday!