Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Try Again Tuesday

My stars are now aligned and the four patch border is attached. I'm digging through my stash to find a fabric for the outer border or it may just stop where it is. This was a fun pattern to do. Judy has the steps broken down so the sewing seems easy to tackle each day.

Apple Trio II is a quick wallhanging for my quilt guild's auction in May. I made this pattern a couple of years ago for the Habitat for Humanity Auction. It sews up very quickly and is one of my favorites. It just needs a label and it's ready to go.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Some of these stars

...are not like the others. I thought I was making decent progress on the one hour quilt from Judy. While stitching the sashing between the rows, I noticed the peachy star has points going in the wrong direction. Not too bad, I can frog stitch and resew. I sent a picture to my sister asking her if she could tell what was wrong with the stars. Darn! She noticed four patch mistakes, too! How can I be sewing these for days and not notice the patches are in the wrong direction? Well, I'm glad I didn't have the borders attached yet.

I'm getting ready to watch the Oscars. Our local theater has a contest to guess the winners. Prizes include 52 movie passes for the year. It was really difficult to chose this year, especially for Best Picture. I finally picked "Babel" even though I personally liked "Queen" the best. Time will tell if I let others sway my decision.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine Monkey

I'm a couple of days late with my Valentine post, but hope everyone had a great day. This monkey - a gift from Jim - greeted me by my computer. My cats were very curious thinking perhaps another kitty was joining the household.

My star blocks for Judy's one hour sew are almost done. The clock moved faster than I did last night, but I still have seventeen finished and the other three are sewn strips.

It's the middle of February and I'm really craving some warm weather. There is hope for temps to reach the freezing zone next week, so spring must be just around the corner. The Tigers' pitchers and catchers have reported to spring training in Lakeland, Florida.

Yesterday, Jim and I enjoyed seeing the new movie "Music & Lyrics" starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. It won't be an Academy Award nominee, but it made us laugh .

Our son, JJ, is coming home tonight for the family card club tomorrow night at my folks. We get together once a month to play a euchre tournament with three generations of family members. There are sixteen of us that compete and it's a great way to stay in touch with everyone.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday Stars

Last Thursday, my sister, Connie and I went shop hopping through seven quilt shops in Michigan. Each shop gave us a block charm with a letter on it. When they are put on a bracelet, QUILTER is spelled. Each shop had specials, discounts and snacks. The theme for the hop was "Seven Sisters" and a quilt was hung in each shop made from the same pattern. A section of the pattern with fabric was available for purchase at each place. We had a great time.

I'm playing catch-up today with Judy's one hour stars. It's a good thing she doesn't post steps on the week-end. The main fabric I'm using has been in my stash almost from the beginning of my quilting time. It's definitely ready to use now. Here's a couple of the stars from this afternoon.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Peek at the Stash

In a weak moment, I took pictures of some of my stash. It is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

Doesn't it look neat all sorted and folded on the shelves. However, when I start a new project, it becomes a nightmare in there.

Thank you again to everyone who 'stopped by' after reading about me in May Britt's blog.


Sunday, February 4, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday

The game is over and the Colts are the champs! Now start the countdown for baseball. I love the Detroit Tigers who are the reigning American League Champions. Speaking of tigers, here are my two little kitties, Jasper and Annie.
Notice they are both on top of furniture. May I add they are both much cuter than these pictures show.

I'm trying to learn to do something new with each post. This time I'm trying the link option.

Thanks to May Britt for inviting her friends to read my blog. I appreciate your welcome comments. I have many pictures in my Webshots albums that will give you an idea of what I do until I get projects posted here.

Off to stitch,

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Help! I'm blogging...

I love reading blogs about quilting and other stitchings. The stories and pictures inspire me to keep working on my long list of unfinished projects which have accumulated over the last 15 or more years. "To start is human, to finish Divine" .

Currently, there are several projects I am trying to finish that need either piecing, appliquing, x stitching and/or quilting . Last week I finished x stitching "The Inheritance" and proudly crossed it off of my UFO list. Now I need to find a frame for it.

Our local guild - Saginaw Piecemakers - has a small quilt auction during our annual show. Also, I belong to a small sewing group we call Plan Bee (because plan A never works out) and we work together on a project for donation to the auction. I have a couple of other small quilts in the works for that, too. Then there's the Mumbo Gumbo Challenge from my sister and something to donate for The Habitat Auction. It's a busy time of year.

There's a lot I need to learn about writing a blog.

In the meantime, I'm