Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fun Mail

Fun mail today from Pam (mamaspark). My name was drawn for her 100th blog post giveaway. She sent three cute fabrics and an adorable kitty card. Jasper thinks it may be a relative of his. Thank you, Pam!

The second picture shows my first attempt at the free stitchery BOM that Bea at Capricorn Quilts is offering. I couldn't decide if I wanted some space between the stitches and who knew stitching a straight line wouldn't be easy? One thing I did learn was that I loved doing this. I think I'll do it again on a different color of fabric.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sick of being sick

I feel like half the month of January is missing as I've had the crud since January 13th. Every time I think I'm feeling a bit better, something else appears. Friday I went to see the doctor and have an antibiotic to take now. It should be kicking in any time now, don't you think?

Yesterday, the girls came to sew in the afternoon. Here Mary and Connie are admiring the gorgeous star blocks that Connie made for her Carolina Mystery Quilt. She's using pink and brown repro fabrics and they look terrific.

The label is sewn on the Four Seasons Swap Quilt and it will go out in tomorrow's mail. I found a perfect fabric in my stash that depicts trees in winter for the backing. The quilt is resting on the extra fabric.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Four Season Swap in Progress

Today I finally started sewing my Four Season Swap Quilt which needs to be mailed next week. Can you say "wait until the last minute?" I had it planned for last week, but I wasn't feeling well. I need to applique the heart, add a nose, tie the scarf, sandwich and quilt it before I add a few buttons. I had no pattern for this one, so I couldn't make a mistake. I'm thinking of a plaid binding and then there's the label yet, too. I'd better get back to it.

Sign up for a Giveaway over at Rhonda's blog. She has prizes to brighten your day if you leave a comment and she draws your name.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

State of My Stash

Another week with no fabric entering my house. My friend, Jane agreed to take another 5 1/2 yards of fabrics I was saving for joey or tote bags. Since I can't seem to sew as fast as I would like, giving the fabric away is the next best way to bust the stash.

I finished my top for the Carolina Cross Roads Mystery, but that is the only stitching for the week.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mystery Solved!

finished mystery top in reds and reens
Thank you, Bonnie! Participating in this mystery quilt, I was able to share each step with quilters from around the world. How fun to see so many different color combinations and fabrics all in the same pattern.

Yikes! I just noticed an error in my top! Can you find it?

All fixed!

Priority Mail

green fabric covered box with a cat on the lid
inside of the fabric box
Don't you just love to see a Priority Box in your mail? Judith drew my name for a giveaway on her blog and made the cutest little fabric box with a cat on the lid. I love containers of any kind, but especially ones that are made with someone's hands. Thank you so much, Judith!

I've been dealing with some bug here all week so I haven't accomplished much. It's really put a damper on my January plans. Thursday night I was feeling a bit better so I sewed a few of the Carolina Crossroads Mystery blocks together. Friday morning I woke up with no voice (which Jim is smiling about). I could understand it if I had been cheering at a big game, but I wasn't even talking. I'm hoping the bug is just working it's way out as I don't feel too ill otherwise.

I love how the blocks look together and hope to have a top by the time the week-end is over. Even though my voice isn't working properly, my foot is still able to work the pedal on my sewing machine. Bonnie posted that she plans on another mystery around April 1st. Maybe you'd like to join in for that one?

Monday, January 14, 2008

TigerFest at Comerica Park

What a perfect Saturday! Nick, Connie, Jim and I arrived in Detroit just as the gates were opened for Tigerfest. It was our first experience at this event. Once inside the park, you forgot it was only January.

One of the highlights was getting to walk through the clubhouse. I love being at the ballpark!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fantastic Friday Again

pumpkin head quilt block
dark green pillowcase with the words Star Wars and the image of Yoda finished with black and white stripes

Friday evening was another of the Fantastic Fridays at The Quilted Cottage. Connie and I have the best time there and always meet new quilters from the area who add to the pleasure of the evening. The menu for Friday was broccoli/cheese soup in a bread bowl and ice cream sundae for dessert. I brought along several small projects that have been sitting on my table waiting for me to finish. Yes, you are seeing a pumpkin in January. I've wanted to make this little wallhanging for years and finally have the pumpkin part done. The pillowcase will go to my grandson, Ian, who is an avid Star Wars fan. Don't tell him, though, it's a surprise. Both of these projects were made with my stash.

In addition to the pumpkin and pillowcase, I gave my friend, Jane, about six yards of fabric from my stash Thursday when we were sewing Comfort Quilts for the UGRR (Women's Shelter). She has already cut out four Joey bags and 12 Lutheran World Relief school kit bags. She works quickly. Little by little, my stash will get smaller.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Second Wednesday

You Make My Day Award
Paula at A Latte Quilts sent me an email saying she had chosen me for this award. She made my day! Isn't is amazing how such small deeds of kindness can affect another person? The rules for this award say to choose up to 10 people whose blog brings you happiness & inspiration and makes you feel happy about Blogland. Let them know by posting a note on their blog so they can pass it on. I have almost 200 Feeds that I check so choosing just ten is very difficult. Here are a few of the many I enjoy. Kathy, Yvonne, Kim, Gudrun, Andrea, Kim, Pam, kjquilts, and 189 others who inspire me and make Blogland so enjoyable.

While catching up on reading my blogs, I noticed that Kim at Stillmeadow Quilting had tagged me with a meme for 8 Random Things About Me. Here goes:

1. I'm left handed, but can rotary cut with either hand
2. I love the Detroit Tigers
3. I can read & write braille (although I'm pretty rusty)
4. I'm the oldest of five children
5. I sing in our church choir
6. I still know most of the kid's birthdays in my class from parochial school
7. I love to read
8. I definitely have a sweet tooth

Speaking of the Tigers, we have tickets for Tigerfest at Comerica this week-end!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Late Again 4 Stash Busting Report

Step 4 units for the mystery quilt
100 hourglass quilt blocks for mystery quilt
I don't know why I am always a day late posting my stash busting report for the previous week. It's not like I have anything to hide. In fact, I went another week without bringing any fabric into the house. (It's not hidden in the garage either) I made 40 units for Step 4 of the mystery quilt and 100 hourglass blocks for Step 5 all from my stash. So it was a good week. I think the Steps are all done for the Carolina Cross Roads Mystery Quilt and Bonnie will begin the assembly instructions later this week. I'm excited to see what the parts will become.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Diamonds In The Snow

quilted wallhanging of a snowman wearing a tophat and two button plaid vest. His arms are made from twigs and a bluebird, also wearing a tophat is resting on one of the arms
What a beautiful view I had this morning out of my kitchen window. The sun was shining so brightly on the newly fallen snow making it appear as if sparkling diamonds dotted the landscape. The snow reminded me to put my snowman wallhanging on the wall before spring arrives. This was made from a pattern in an older Piecemakers Calendar back in the 90s. The bird's little beak is dimensional and the twig arms are hand embroidered.

I am almost finished sewing Step 4 of the Carolina Mystery Quilt. I've been alternating between sewing and cleaning today so I don't get bored with the cleaning part.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008



pictured items are listed below

I need to begin the year with a post about the wonderful SSCS gift I received from Fiona Y at Dragonfly-Crafts in Australia. Borrowing the great picture that Fiona sent to Donna, the Elf, here is the list of goodies I received.
Box Bag for toiletries or sewing projects
Zipper pouch for a handbag/purse or sewing projects
Three coasters
Thread holder
Tissue holder
Aunt Martha stitchery patterns
Embroidered bag to have a cuppa on Fiona
Australian Patchwork Magazine
So you see that Fiona not only made several items for me, but also sent things to keep me busy in the new year with the patterns and magazine. Fiona does lovely work and I'll be putting her items to good use as soon as I find my room again. Thanks you Fiona!