Saturday, March 31, 2007

Les Miserables

My all-time favorite musical, Les Miserables was chosen by a local high school for their spring production. Approximately 70 students participated in the event which was held over two week-ends. The practices began in January, so a huge committment was required from the students. I think the standing ovation following last night's performance which my sister, Connie and I attended, assured them that their time was well spent.

I have seen robins and have a few flowers adding color to the yard. I love spring!

Quilting Bee buddies, Connie, Jane, Mary and I are nearing completion of the group quilt we will donate for our guild's small quilt auction in May. No progress has been made on any of my other projects this week. Hope springs eternal - there is always April.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Sue Spargo

Sue Spargo was the guest speaker at our quilt guild this past Wednesday evening. Yesterday Sue taught classes for Saffron Hill and Old Crimson Clove, and I was fortunate to take the Saffron Hill class.

Our guild website guru, Judy, took lots of terrific pictures at the class. Imagine a large portion of Sue's website spread out in front of you as she brought along many samples, fabrics, kits, patterns, and embellishments to admire and purchase. It was an inspiring day from a wonderful teacher. Stay tuned as my background "grows" trees, flowers and builds a house.

My pictures show the Thursday class, Sue explaining the different techniques used to embellish and my background piece for Saffron Hill. Sue challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone with these fabrics, and I really like it now.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

One more day

One more day until spring is officially here! The last days of winter have been dragging for me. Of course, the head cold Jim shared with me didn't help matters either. I'm still looking for my first robin.

Reading Judy's blog last night, reminded me that the final border for my one hour stars quilt wasn't sewn yet. Now it is and I can add it to the list of tops waiting to be quilted. I didn't have enough fabric for the inner and outer borders to be the same, but they are similar. It doesn't look like too much of a dent was made in my stash, but I know there's some missing. I really enjoy seeing how different everyone's quilt looks with the fabrics that they chose. Thank you, Judy, for another great pattern.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Oldest UFO

How about a baby quilt from 1979? Yes, the little crib quilt for my youngest son, JJ, is still in the UFO category. He's almost 27, therefore, I feel no need to rush to finish. I knew very, very little about quilting back then and it showed. Notice the huge needle to the left of my quilting needle today. That's the one that was used to quilt on JJ's quilt. I can hear the chuckles and downright laughter. I had a cheap, fluffy polyester batting that I would trim as I stitched it to the ruffle, again with that huge needle. It's a wonder I ever stayed with this hobby. My second longest UFO is a log cabin from Eleanor Burns QIAD book, but that's another story.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Quilted & Bound

The quilt I made for the Mumbo Gumbo challenge issued by my sister is now finished! It feels so good to complete a project. I should do it more often. This quilt measures about 45" x 60" and reaffirms the fact that I prefer making miniatures and small wallhangings. My challenge quilt also needs a name. Any ideas?

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tempting Tuesday

Here are some of the little nine patches that I've been stitching during the past year. Nine hundred blocks that finish at 1 1/2" are needed for my layout and I have over 700 stitched, so far. But...I really need to finish the Mumbo Gumbo quilt, frame my x stitch designs and work on other projects that have a deadline looming soon. Why do I always get the urge to work on things other than what I should be working on? The nines will have sashings from the shirting fabric between the five block sections with another little niner serving as a cornerstone.

Yesterday, I took a ride towards the Detroit area with my DDIL to visit her nephew from Germany who is in Michigan visiting his sister's family. There was a lot of German spoken around me! I really need to learn. It was a fun day.

The bracelet in the picture spells "QUILTER" and is the freebie given from the shop hop I did last month. I took several pictures trying to get a better image of the block letters, but it just wasn't to be. I think I may put the blocks onto a necklace and I'll probably wear it more.

Friday, March 2, 2007


The weather continues to be frightful here, although nothing compared to the horrors down south. It is March, so the warmer weather must be coming soon, right? The Tigers are 3 and 0 in spring training!!!!

This afternoon I stitched a few hug blocks and tonight the Mumbo Gumbo challenge from my sister, Connie, received its first quilting stitches. This quilt is definitely not in my comfort zone and I toned it down considerably. It will be donated someplace after our local quilt show in April.

The variety of blocks and quilts being made for Heartstrings has caught my attention and I'm eager to do some string blocks. Maybe there will be time after the MG quilting tomorrow.