Friday, May 25, 2012


We made a quick trip to Wisconsin to hear our grandson, Ian, sing at his freshman concert. He did a fantastic job! He chose "Do You Hear The People Sing?" from Les Miserables as his song. Uncle JJ accompanied him on the piano. It was a special evening.

While the grands were in school on Wednesday, we went to Menominee Falls to check out the new location of The Quilted Basket. This building is really nice and appears to go on and on with more temping things in each area.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Not good with changes!

So Blogger has 'improved' my blogging experience...but I don't like change. I'm not blessed with a geek brain so once I learn something, I want it to stay that way. Since that won't happen, I'll have to keep trying.

Connie and I worked at The Quilted Cottage last week for the first day of the Shop Hop. We cut fabrics all day and that can be a dangerous place to be. Not because of the rotary blades, but because you have to handle all those beautiful bolts of fabric and put them back without cutting some for yourself. (I only cut two for me) There were some hoppers dressed to match the theme, which was Beach Party.

Our Civil War group decided to switch to the Lori Smith Quilt Squares. They finish at 12 inches and are fun and quick to make. They can be used at a table topper or framed or hung on a decorative hanger. Here are my first two. Annie seems to prefer the nine patch.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Bee Day

Last Monday was bee day at my house. Mary and Connie had finished projects to share with us
Connie's Lori Smith quilt.

I made apple pie for dessert.I'm having a difficult time figuring out the new page for Blogger. Be back soon.