Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fantastic Fall

The weather has just been fantastic this past week ! Sunshine and mid seventies temps. Perfect weather to finish out the regular baseball season, too. And the Tigers did finally win their fourth divisional title! They waited until the very last day, but who doesn't need a little drama!

I made the last block for the Marcus Brothers Friends and Companions Designers Mystery. This Friday we will be given the put together how to. These blocks were fun to sew and I love the colors.

My daughter-in-law's mom and nephew came over from Germany to visit. We had them here for dinner and a day in Frankenmuth. She doesn't speak any English and I don't speak German, but we had three good translators. I was gifted with this beautiful table runner. She does beautiful knitting and crochet work.

My hibiscus had more blooms this year than other years. Must have been the rain and cooler temps at just the right time.

My brother, Paul and his wife, Kelly came to Michigan to see their new grandson! This is a family pic taken last Saturday. My mom and dad, brothers and sisters, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law hoping to celebrate the Tigers clinching the American League Central title for the fourth straight year. The Tigers waited until Sunday, but we had a wonderful time together anyway.

In July, Rosemary Youngs came to the sleep at home retreat at The Cottage! We like to work on similar projects or even the same project, at times. Here is Helen, Connie, Rosemary and me with our Market Days tops. Somewhere I have a picture of the smaller size quilt, too. I'll keep looking.

Monday, September 15, 2014

More Project Updates

I've been without a computer for the last week. Although I could have posted from my iPad, I couldn't get the photos I wanted, etc. I'm just not that tech wired to do things differently. Now I think Jim has me back up and running smoothly.

My Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll is now a top ready for quilting! This is one of my favorite quilts from Bonnie Hunter, but it sure has a ton of pieces in it. I felt the need to stay with this one until it was done.

This is my T Quilt from Jo Morton's Little Women Club. I have a bad habit of
thinking that once the top is done, it's off to the next project. This still needs quilting.

Last week was the September Sleep At Home Retreat at The Quilted Cottage.
I caught up with some blocks, sewed on a binding, added borders, added hearts and almost finished my Moda Alpabet quilt. (it is now finished, but I don't have a pic yet)

An area Apple Farm has an outdoor craft show every September. The air is heavy with the aroma of cider donuts. It was a nice day to walk around outdoors. I love the decorations they have located around the farm. Here are
two of my favorites.

Tin can flowers! They were adorable.

Bowling ball bugs! The eyes are the holes in the bowling ball. Love the way the cans and bowling balls were upcycled.