Tuesday, April 28, 2015

More Projects

I've been working on several smaller projects while I was avoiding General Jack. Here are some pillowcases made for the children's hospital in Ann Arbor.

My local quilt shop is offering Kim Diehl's Whatnots Club. Here are my first two little quilts. These are so much fun to make and I love the fabrics. So far, I'm up to date, too.

The annual Habitat for Humanity Quilt Show and Auction was another huge success. My friends started this fund raiser at their church fourteen years ago and have raised $148,499 to date.These were my donations this year: Frozen pillowcases, needle keeps and a little purse.

Covered an old office chair for my sewing room. It's amazing how the sewing themed fabric transformed an ugly chair into one I'm happy to have in my room.

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Still working on the picture problem....

Friday, April 24, 2015

Success at last!

I didn't want to do another post until my General Jack quilt was pieced. Well, that turned out to be a tad longer than I would have liked. But, it is now a flimsy! Not the best picture, but you can see it is in one piece. It's about 44" square.

This little zipper bag was made in a class from a local quilt shop. It was intensive, but not difficult. I hope to make more before I forget how to do it.

Lots to catch up on. I won't wait so long for my next post!

p.s. My photos seem to be off. Will have to explore what happened.