Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Quilted Cottage Fantastic Friday Halloween Party

My sister, Connie, and I are known as 'the sisters' among our quilting friends. We decided to use the term for our costumes this year. We used old choir robes and made the collars and head pieces. Our sewing buddy, Helen, said she usually didn't dress up for the party. Well, we appointed her "Mother Superior". So here she is with 'The sisters'. Helen found the wooden crosses for us and Connie's husband fashioned the wooden ruler on a leather strap for Helen. We had a terrific time. Some of the comments were, "quilting can become a habit" - "those gals are habitual quilters" and "no nunsense in this area". Many of the gals dressed up for the evening of sewing which began with a delicious potluck, of course. There was a Halloween FQ and candies next to each name tag. Jackie, also, give each attendee a charm (witch hat with dangling pumpkin) to add to our sewing machine pins. Hope you enjoy some of the other costumes, too.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Phantom Postings

I'm doing it again. Writing posts in my head that never reach the keyboard. I imagine the pictures that I'll share and the stories I can relate. Then it almost feels like I did write. Well, this one is for real.

Had a wonderful time in Gladwin last week-end at The Springs. There were about 80 gals
who gathered for fun and sewing. I finished enough blocks for the throw size Starstruck that I started in the class by Bonnie Hunter in September. I can't decide if I want to make it bigger or add a border and call it done. Any ideas for a border?

Tonight is the Fantastic Friday Halloween party at The Quilted Cottage. We are encouraged to dress up for the evening. (in costumes) I'd better get mine on before I'm late.

Here are a few if the projects from the gals at the retreat.

When I returned home on Sunday, Annie immediately jumped on my suitcase and gave me a look.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I intended to post at the beginning of the month. If I don't hurry up, it'll be November.

At the last Moda U Saturday, we were fortunate to have Deb Strain speak to us about the process of how she designs fabric lines and how she began her career. She's been designing for Moda for 13 years and is a talented and very friendly woman. An added bonus was a display of paper items with artwork done by Deb. These included calendars, note pads, bookmarks, recipe cards, etc. She didn't have nearly as much to take back with her when the day was over.

My LQS is starting three new groups. As Stacy tells us, a group has 'a guide on the side, not a sage on the stage' as in a class or club. Group One is The Thursday Morning Divas. This should be a fun time making bright and happy little projects. The second group is Quilt Red which will involve hand work of any kind. We'll be sharing and helping each other learn new techniques and just spending quality time together working with our hands. The third group is Wilma's Woolies. This one hasn't met yet, but will be making things from wool.

Since the Civil War Tribute Club is coming to an end, we have two new clubs starting in January. One is Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle and the other is a BOM that I can't remember the name of right now.

Jim, JJ and I spent last Monday in Grand Rapids viewing many of the entries in the 2010 ArtPrize. Amazing doesn't even come close to the right word to describe this event. The weather was perfect for walking downtown (five hours) and we saw many of the over 1700 exhibits. Chris LaPorte, formerly from Bay City and now living in Grand Rapids, won the top prize money of $250,000 with his 28 foot long pencil drawing (The Cavalry) taken from an old photo found in his father's home. You can read about it here.

The weather outside this past week has been wonderful. It could stay this way for many more weeks if I had my way.