Friday, December 28, 2012

Easy Street Week 6

Bonnie was right! This was a quick and easy step! Ready for Monday!

Last night as I sat in my recliner, both kitties decided they wanted to sleep "by" on me. They stayed that way for at least an hour.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Easy Street Week 5

Yesterday was a good time to sew Step 5 of Bonnie's Easy Street Mystery. Jim and JJ headed back to K'zoo so it was just me and my machine here. (And of course, Jasper and Annie)

My pieces were all cut and in no time at all, the lot was finished.

Ready and waiting for Step 6! This mystery is flying along. I still don't have any idea what it will become, but I'm excited to discover the finish.

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas. We celebrated in Grand Rapids on Sunday with Mike, Simone and JJ. On Christmas day, Jim, JJ and I saw the film version of Les Miserables along with my sister, Connie and BIL Nick. It was wonderful. Kari, Craig, Abby and Ian were at the theater in their town in Wisconsin.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Easy Street Week 4

Bonnie says we are about half-way done with the mystery. It's been a fun quilt to sew and I'm keeping up to date with the steps. I'm linking up with Bonnie's page.

There was enough time to trim up the units. Some needed just a sliver taken off.

Only a week before Christmas and there's still lots to do!

At Fantastic Friday, several gals were making these cute Christmas tree napkins. They are made from a half circle of two fabrics and then folded to make the tree.


Connie made this adorable Snowman pin for our table mates. His nose lights up and the snowflake is embroidered!!

There must be a snowman vibe going around. I made a pair of Snowman potholders for my table mates.

Last, but certainly not least...
It is still difficult to believe the horror that occurred last Friday in CT. Please continue to pray for all those who lost loved ones and all who are affected by this senseless loss of lives.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Easy Street Week 3

Woke this morning to a pretty covering of snow. That's about all I need to see at one time.

The retreat was wonderful, as always. We laughed and sewed for three days. I finished Step Two and Step Three of the Easy Street mystery by Bonnie Hunter. Now it's catch-up time on some other projects until the next clue is revealed on Friday.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Easy Street Week 2

My pieces are cut for Step Two of Bonnie Hunter's mystery called Easy Street. I'll be retreating at The Quilted Cottage on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This is the monthly 'Sleep At Home" where we sew all day and go home to sleep in our own bed. My plan is to sew my geese units there. Of course, I had to see how they would look. Here's my pieces and three finished geese.