Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Ramblings

Quilt block made from units of Orange Crush mystery
I couldn't wait to see what my blocks for Step Four of the Orange Crush mystery would look like even though I haven't completely finished Steps Two or Three. Wouldn't you know that I would randomly grab units with the same fabrics? Not sure if I can live with that yet.

The flowers that bloom in May are some of my favorites, especially the lilacs. Their fragrance permiates my kitchen, more pleasing than any expensive perfume.

purple lilac flowers
Look at the great Detroit Tigers glasses my son, Mike, brought me from his recent training in the Detroit area. Of course, he had to consume a certain beer to get them, but he made the sacrifice. We had tickets to last Friday's ballgame and they finally gave us a win! Our other three games were losses - not nearly as much fun.

Blue Detroit Tigers glasses
Carolyn from Ohio Quilter's Journey is giving away fabric. Stop by her blog and answer a question to be eligible.


Gypsy Quilter said...

You have lilacs!!! Ohh, I'm envious. They have a hard time growing here.

Gina said...

Oh the sacrifices our kids make for us. LOL
I told you they would start winning eventually.

love and hugs xxx

Anne Ida said...

Your orange crush block looks great!

Ohhh, I love the smell of lilacs - that and honeysuckle - and I'm fortunate that we have both in the back yard :o)

sewkalico said...

I like your OC blocks. Still nervous I've gone out on a limb with my colour choices, but I've done them all now (with a few scrappy doubles- by mistake).
Great story about the glasses - that's what sons are for I hear!

Libby said...

Beautiful flowers. Isn't it great that your son was able to step up and take one for the greater good *s*

Jan said...

I love lilacs--they are my favorite--enjoy them for me--they don't grow here!! Love the glasses!

Susan said...

I can just smell those lilacs. Ours haven't opened yet.

Great blocks. One thing I am learning with all this random stuff is that it is not random.

Greenmare said...

the sacrifices some people will make for a glass! I love your block even with the repeating fabrics, and I love your lilacs!!

Rhonda said...

Jeanne, I cheated too! lol I worked on step 3 when step 2 is not done. Today, I'll do step 4 when step 2 IS STILL NOT DONE!

Great block! I love the smell of lilacs!

Unknown said...

I would also have cheated to see what the block looked like!

Quilter Kathy said...

Great job on block 4!
I love lilacs too!

Erin said...

Oh I love the orange crush too!!!

bingo~bonnie said...

I know what you mean about same fabrics in the same scrappy block, I agree. BUT for this one I think I'd leave it - that way you will always know which block it was that you made "first" ;)

Love your colors for your OC bytheway! oh and your lilacs are beautiful too!!!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie