Friday, September 28, 2012

30 Pillowcases

Today I finished my 30th pillowcase for the month of September. It's not even the end of the month! I'm early. Will wonders never cease! As I arranged them on my chair, Jasper sat on the floor watching. When the last pillowcase was in place, he jumped up and 'arranged' himself into the picture. They have to all be washed, ironed and put into clear bags before I turn them in for distribution at Mott's Children Hospital so I didn't chase him off right away. Besides, I always think he makes any photo better.

Yesterday our "Lunch Bunch" group met for September. We were asked to make 9 1/2" Sunbonnet Sue blocks. They will be put together to make two quilts for charity. My Sue was picking fall flowers.

The magic number for the Tigers is now 5. Any combination of Tiger wins or White Sox losses that equal 5 will clinch us the Division Title. We're in Minnesota tonight. It's great to hear from those of you in other states who are rooting for the Tigers.


Kindred Quilts said...

30 pillowcases in less than 30 days! And they are so cute! Love your pickin' fall flowers Sunbonnet Sue! What a great quilt to donate to charity. Go TIGERS!

West Michigan Quilter said...

Wow, 30 pillowcases! That is wonderful. Love your Sunbonnet Sue block too. You ladies are so good at giving!

Michelle said...

Wow...great job on the 30 pillowcases! That's amazing!

Quilter Kathy said...

Your fall Sue is adorable!
And what an amazing accomplishment making all those pillowcases!